Ulman joins O'Malley to stress need for gun control

Howard County Executive Ken Ulman Friday joined Gov. Martin O'Malley and Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown in Annapolis to support the governor's proposed gun control legislation as it enters the House of Delegates after passing the Senate.

"The most important thing that any of us can do in public service is to keep our neighbors safe and that's what this package will do," Ulman said.

Hundreds of supporters flocked to Lawyers Mall for a gun violence prevention rally to show their support in advance of a Friday public hearing in the House on O'Malley's proposed legislation.

The Senate passed O'Malley's proposed gun control bill Thursday, 28-19. The package includes a ban on assault-type rifle sales, a license requirement to purchase a handgun and a limit on the size of magazine clips.

O'Malley said Friday his package includes "proposals that can save lives."

"If we want better results, we have to make better choices," he said.

On the licensing of handguns, Ulman said it was "common sense" when licenses are already required to drive and go fishing or crabbing.

"This is a common-sense piece of this package that will make a difference," he said.

Ulman wasn't the only Howard County resident supporting the governor in Annapolis Friday.

Columbia residents Kathy and Mike O'Rourke said they were "appalled" by the tragedy in Newtown Conn., which energized them to participate in rallies supporting gun control measures.

They support a "common sense" approach that balances rights ensured by the Second Amendment.

"We think a common sense approach to gun control can change the climate of violence in this country," Mike said.

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