Letter: Stoneleigh, Carver and your tax dollars: Are they being misused?

Kudos to elected officials and the Stoneleigh community for deciding to make the "180-day field trip" move to the Carver Center for the Arts and Technology.

This plan begs the question — why are we spending taxpayer dollars to update and expand the already overcrowded, antiquated Stoneleigh Elementary School?

If Carver solves the problem and can accommodate more students, shouldn't Baltimore County taxpayers keep Stoneleigh students at this new location … permanently?

Who knows what the total cost is to taxpayers for not only the Stoneleigh addition, but also the relocation of students back to this facility? What's the purpose of this move "back" to Stoneleigh if Carver solves the problem?

Just as a business produces an annual report and financial report to investors, Stoneleigh and county officials should produce an itemized list and financial report for the elementary schools' addition and move back from the Carver school.

They should be able to prove to the Baltimore County and Maryland taxpayer this initiative somehow saves the county money, or produces revenue. County taxpayers should have the opportunity, in an era of transparency, to see what they're paying for.

Margie Anne Bonnett


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