Police: Strangers gave man a ride, stole 112 Oxycodone

Baltimore County Police are investigating a report that three people apparently robbed a man of the pain medication Oxycodone after two of them gave him a ride from Timonium to Glen Burnie to get his prescription filled.

The theft of a bottle of 112 Oxycodone pills occurred in the 1100 block of York Road in Timonium on April 16 around 5 p.m., according to county police reports.

Police said the incident began earlier in the day when a 32-year-old man's car broke down in Frederick. Police said he took a cab to a doctor's office in Baltimore County for an appointment.

According to county police spokeswoman Det. Cathy Batton, the man told police that he then met two strangers, a man and a woman, who offered him a ride to a pharmacy in Glen Burnie, where he filled his prescription for Oxycodone, a narcotic pain medicine.

The couple then drove the man to Timonium where they picked up an acquaintance. When they stopped in Timonium, the victim got out of the car to retrieve his duffel bag from the trunk, according to the report. There was a struggle and the pills were taken from him.

The woman and two men then drove away in a red Ford Taurus with Ohio license plates, according to the police report.

Batton said police are continuing to investigate the robbery.

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