Not everybody, but hundreds go to Gino's opening in Towson

Dozens of people from around the state lined up for hours Wednesday morning at the new Gino's in Towson.

For the patient, it was their first chance to try a Gino's Giant in more than 20 years.

Bruce Voge III, 33 of Gwynn Oak; Marty Miodeck, 35, of Columbia; and Mike Goldman, 35 of Pikesville, were the first in line.

Voge and Goldman said they had arrived at 6 a.m. and saved a spot for Miodeck.

While they were too young to remember the original Gino's, they felt they needed to be a part of an event so important to many Marylanders — the return of the Giant.

Brady Kerr, 13, of Rosedale, was also making his first Gino's memories,

Brady stood in line with his grandmother, Donna Zimmerman, who had fond memories of the Giant.

They had been in line since 9:45, an hour and 15 minutes before the restaurant on East Joppa Road opened.

Like any good grandson, Brady deferred to his grandmother on matters of good food.

"I guess if she tells me it's good, I have to believe her," Brady said.

Zimmerman said she used to drive every other Saturday with her husband from their house in Rosedale to the last location in Pasadena.

She said she had done all she could to convince her grandson to join her for a burger she called "out of this world." And he did.

"He thinks I'm crazy sitting here in line. But once he tastes a Giant, he'll understand."

However, when Brady got a look at the menu, it wasn't the Giant that caught his eye, but the triple-decker "Ameche's Power House" burger.

His reaction: "Don't get me wrong, I like Five Guys, but this is better,"

Debbie Bloom and Kim Ferrara, neighbors from Catonsville, decided to make the trip while Facebook chatting Tuesday night, a move that neither regretted as they bit into their first Gino's Giants in decades.

"I love it," Bloom said. "It's a pleasant surprise."

Ferrara, after her first bite, gave the burger a hearty endorsement.

"Oh yeah, they're good. I'm convinced that it's the real secret sauce."

They were even surprised by the milkshakes, which they remembered to be especially cold, before qualifying that such a big meal so early in the morning was hardly normal for them.

"We don't eat like this anymore," Bloom said. "I can't tell you when I had a milkshake last."

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