BGE warns against impostors in wake of Parkville robbery

BGE is warning customers about impostors posing as service personnel after two men claimed to be BGE employees and gained entry to an 85-year-old Parkville resident's home last week — then stole jewelry and cash from house.

"This is a recurring problem," spokeswoman Linda Foy said. "This is something that occurs throughout our service area, and isn't confined to just BGE customers. There are customers of other providers throughout Maryland who experience this.

"We work with the local police departments to try an address the problem, and communicate with our customers to provide them with advice as to what they can do if they suspect an impostor," Foy said.

The most recent incident occurred in the 7800 block of Oakleigh Road in Parkville. According to police reports, the two men, posing as BGE workers, entered the resident's home at 2:30 p.m. on Aug. 9. One man kept the resident distracted in the back yard while anther was inside, stealing multiple jewelry items and money, police said.

Foy said BGE recently put out new materials in its monthly newsletter, Connections, warning customers against impostors, many of which target elderly and lower-income customers.

BGE advises that customers not open the door to someone they do not recognize, and should ask for photo identification, especially if they did not schedule an appointment. Also, never give cash to someone who claims to be collecting payment for BGE, and report suspicious activity to the police and BGE.

To verify a BGE employee's identity or work being done at your home, call 410-685-0123 or 1-800-685-0123.

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