Estate of late Lutherville resident will aid animal shelter equipment

The Baltimore County Council is scheduled to introduce a bill at its inaugural meeting of 2012, on Tuesday, Jan. 3, that will allow the county to accept a $17,000 donation from the estate of a late Lutherville animal lover to the Department of Health.

The money is slated to improve the county's animal shelter equipment.

The donation was one of several left in the will of Lutherville-Timonium resident Audrey Dix, who died in September 2009.

According to a 2010 Baltimore Sun story, Dix left a total of $550,000 to five organizations, four of which were in line with her lifelong love of animals: the Baltimore County Animal Control Division, the Humane Society of Baltimore County, Defenders of Animal Rights in Baltimore County, and the Maryland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and the League for People with Disabilities.

In addition to the $17,000 left by Dix, the bill also allows the county to accept $5,460 in private funds that have been raised through community donations, all "to be used to make improvements to the animal shelter equipment and facilities for the benefit of the animals," the bill said.

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