Fishing not permitted at Rodgers Tavern pier

The newly opened pier at Rodgers Tavern in Perryville has "no fishing" signs posted, which has a few locals confused.

Stretching out several hundred feet into the Susquehanna River, the pier has railings and appears plenty wide for anglers and strollers to co-exist, but fishing is verboten because the pier wasn't built for that reason, a city official says.

In a recent call to The Record, a Havre de Grace resident questioned why the pier didn't allow fishing even though it was partially funded by taxpayers and not many boats were tied up at the pier.

The new pier and floating dock on the Susquehanna River opened on May 1 and is about 750 feet long.

According to town administrator Denise Breder, "a few people" have questioned the no fishing rule.

The pier, Breder explained in an e-mail, "was paid for mainly by grants and one of the primary granting agencies prohibits the use of their funds for fishing piers."

"The pier is an economic development initiative through the Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway to promote heritage tourism and further the goal of getting pedestrian and bicycle access over the Susquehanna River, both of which are prohibited on the Hatem and Tydings bridges," Breder's e-mail explained,

The pier cost $2,193,230.39 to build, and the town is seeking $90,099 in federal funds and $150,000 through the Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway, which is state funding, to offset the town's costs.

Breder wrote that boats docked at the pier are for transient boater access and town rules prohibit people from docking boats there for more than 24 hours.

"Perryville is hoping through this pier and the other facilities at Lower Ferry Park to allow the general public to enjoy the scenic beauty of the waterfront much like other communities that have water front facilities and don't allow fishing," Breder wrote. "Other than the existing gazebo and sitting area on shore at Lower Ferry Pier, Perryville has plans to further develop Lower Ferry Park, including a pavilion or amphitheater, and Rodgers Tavern is in the process of being restored so that a museum can operate there again, as well as a café."

Breder noted that the town does have a fishing pier at the community park and fishing is allowed at Ice House Park.

Additionally, the town is "attempting to get Ice House Park designated as a license free fishing zone," Breder wrote.

Both parks are close to the new pier at Rodgers Tavern, she added.

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