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Letter: Thank a veteran – for the flags in HdG


I have read The Record both July 6 and 12 noting the accolades and thank yous to everyone involved in making the July 1 celebration the success it was. Suffice it to say those folks indeed deserve all the praise your paper gave them for all their hard work.

It struck me though of something lacking, that would be "the flags" posted at all the intersections of Union Avenue, at the Lockhouse, along Tydings Park including the POW/MIA of Harford County, the City of Havre de Grace at the end of Union Avenue. Not one word in either issue about them. How did they get there?

Compliments of your veterans of Foreign Wars! VFW Post 8126, 300 Lodge Lane. These members all have served on foreign soil in times of war or conflict since World War II, Korea up to the present, Iraq and Afghanistan. VFW Post 8126 has been putting our flags out for over 60 years. Not only on July 4 but on Memorial Day, Veterans Day and others as well. Just to name a few of our fallen comrades are: Russell Culley, USMC (Korea), Bob Keppinger US Army (WWII), Scotty Shannon (WWII), and John Kapinos (WWII).

You can find their names inscribed on the memorial plaque at Tydings, as well as on the walls of our post home. Why? Why do we do this? Because it is our flag, the one our men and women fought and died for. It is our symbol of freedom the symbol we love honor and respect. We do it to honor all our fallen comrades some of whom I've named others we do not know. I must also mention the help we get from our Men's Auxiliary and Ladies Auxiliary as well. Post 8126 also proudly but humbly serves our city in other ways to include Boy Scouts, Grace Place, Perry Point, etc. But these are other stories for another time.

Russell Levey

Adjutant, VFW Post 8126

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