Havre de Grace residents scared of neighborhood pitbulls

Several residents of the Grace Harbour area in Havre de Grace told the city council they have been scared by pit bull terriers threatening to attack other animals or children in the neighborhood.

Lynn Bradley, of Goldeneye Court, told the council Monday police have been called on several occasions when pit bulls, likely from a property on Squaw Court, have attacked other animals and people.

She said the county animal control office has told residents nothing can be done except continuing to issue citations to the dog owners.

"They are still roaming the neighborhood," Bradley said. "What if one of these dogs attacks and kills a child?"

Havre de Grace Police Ofc. Jeff Gilpin said police responded to Seagull and Pintail drives on Dec. 23 just after noon in reference to an animal attack involving three dogs that attacked a smaller dog, which was referred to animal control.

"The victim, owner of the smaller dog, stated that he was walking his dog on a leash when three pit bulls ran up to him and began attacking, biting the victim on his hand," Gilpin wrote in an e-mail.

"Several neighbors responded to the incident to assist the victim. The owner of the three pit bulls arrived at the location and placed the three dogs inside of a vehicle," he wrote. "The witnesses present confirmed the victims' statements to the officers."

"The owner of the three dogs advised officer that the dogs had been let out of the house as a result of the front door being opened by a small child," he wrote.

At Monday's council meeting, Police Chief Teresa Walter said the dog owners have been given five citations and she knows the owners have already paid the bills.

Bradley said residents are "at a wit's end" about getting rid of "these attack dogs."

"The children are afraid to go to bus stops, you know," she said.

Mayor Wayne Dougherty promised the residents he would find a solution and asked city attorney Paul Ishak to look into it.

"I assure you I will get an answer on this," he told Bradley.

"I think the citations ought to be bringing these people into court. That's where it should be heard," Dougherty said. "It sounds like somebody is failing somebody here."

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