Fiocchi fence debate to return to Havre de Grace Monday

Joe Fiocchi and his fence on Commerce Street will be back before the Havre de Grace City Council Monday.

The homeowner who fought a contentious battle with city hall sent an e-mail to The Record Wednesday saying he has turned in a revised plan and was told the item would be on the council agenda Monday.

"As you probably know[,] I have removed the 24' section of fence, the gate and gate posts as ordered by the city. We have now submitted a revised plan, a plan that the city has decided to add to our original building permit. We must now go before City Council for a vote on a right-of- way license agreement," Fiocchi wrote.

"Our new plan is in line with the license agreement passed by City Council a couple of meetings ago on the property of David Rimel [in the 800 block of] Market Street. The revised permit is in compliance with all the criteria required for a right-of- way license."

Fiocchi is inviting residents to attend the meeting and give their opinions on the plan, "either pro or con."

Fiocchi and several other residents launched a "Save the Fence" campaign after city officials ordered him to remove the fence for being in a city right-of-way.

The argument took up several city council meetings and Fiocchi ultimately removed the fence.

Meanwhile, the council allowed a decorative brick wall to remain in a city right-of at the Rimel home on Market Street, citing miscommunication with the homeowner.

Since then, the city issued a press release that was advertised in The Record and posted on its website home page reminding residents about the city code and listing the various sections of it.

Several weeks ago, Fiocchi said he did not know if he will pursue any further action, but he remains convinced he was targeted because of an ongoing dispute with his neighbor, Mary Martin, who is Councilman Bill Martin's sister.

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