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People from Aberdeen's past remembered

We enjoy looking at photos from years past and remembering the faces of people who have passed from the scene for on reason or another.

At the Aberdeen Room Museum we get that opportunity quite often, and it is a real pleasure to go down memory lane with friends from the past. Karen Gustafson has recently sent volumes of such memories from church, school, teams and work groups.

One package contained Aberdeen High School yearbooks from the first in 1938, through the year 1942. Looking at photos of ourselves and teachers brings back those distant years!

One photo was of the Dell's Pharmacy Bowling Team consisting of Ray Colburn, Harry Acker, Winzer Paxton, Bill Bremen, Tommy Ford and Vince Gerdom.

Another photo was of the Grace United Methodist Church Women in 1942. There is Hazel Hopkins, Edith Ficklin, Estelle Rogers, Georgia Ford, Elsie Reed, Dorothy Morgan, Maxine Hayes, Elizabeth Cronin, Fay Long, Rovilla Atkinson and Hazel Long. How active these ladies were in Grace Church! Another Grace Church photo is the confirmation class with little Winzer Paxton and Rev. Douglas Cooney.

Another large photo shows the employees at the Equitable Trust Bank in the 1960s.

Pictures, pictures, pictures! Another bundle consisted of Aberdeen Elementary School children from the 1960s. There is one of Mrs. Ramsey's class 1962-1963. From Mrs. Geller's classes 5 and 6 in 1954-1955, Mrs. Arford's grade 6 in 1965-1966, Grade 4 in 1964, Miss Babka's Grade 3 in 1960-1961, Mrs. Hill's Grade 1 in 1960-1961 and Karen Paxton's class in 1957-1958.

Other donations add to family files in the archives. James Lindsey brought the obituary of Jean Harriet Mears, who was very active in Aberdeen for years. It is added to the Mears family file.

There is also the program from the Sept. 9, 2013 "The ARC LITE" from the Aberdeen Rotary Club. Also from the Rotary is a program from the 23rd Annual C. Curtis Morgan Golf Tournament.

From Bettye and Mike Danish comes a brochure from the Aug. 9 to 18, 2013 Ripken World Series and tickets from that exciting event, and tickets from the IronBirds games Aug. 4 and 20 and Sept. 5 and 6.

Patricia Hooker also brought in tickets from the World Series event in 2013.

From the Cronin Harford Press is a book printed by them, "Citizenship for Aliens" by Elvis Potter.

From the R. Lee Mitchell collection are programs from Bata Shoe Company's third annual bull roast, and from the June 28, 1957 Bata Dinner. They were such grand affairs!

James Grigdesby donated his copy of the 1967 "Diamond Jubilee" book, when we celebrated Aberdeen's 75th anniversary. We never tire of looking at it and remembering!

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