Kids playing sports, flowers popping up in Aberdeen 50 years ago [Commentary]

Springtime 50 years ago was alive at the old Aberdeen Elementary School on North Philadelphia Boulevard.

The playground (now Festival Park) was filled with children practicing for athletic events and the upcoming May Day. There were violets growing in the same spots where we picked them many years before. Mr. Aaronson's livestock were long gone, but memories of the old farmyard were still very vivid.

The library building at 58 N. Parke St. was open for youngsters after school hours. Yes, children still occupied that school complex for another decade. The cinders back of the school were gone, and the swings had been taken down, along with the sliding board.

Around town, election time was heating up. Mahoney's Team was touring Aberdeen, Bel Air and Havre de Grace. Tawe's "Team Mates" were also making their way through Harford County. Newspapers read "Candidates Heat Up." Names like Blair Lee appeared in the newspapers. The county commissioners were also busy campaigning.

The PEOs met with Mrs. Richard Cronin. Former teachers were honored at Helen Cronin's birthday party. Helen Fisher and Bessie Forwood were there.

The Aberdeen Firemen's Ball was held at the Aberdeen Recreation Center (the former USO building) with music by Frederick Foster.

"The Freedom Riders" visited the A&P Restaurant, the Mayflower Restaurant, the Ideal Diner, Aberdeen Restaurant and Musical Bar.

The 6th District Women of the Moose visited the local chapter of the Moose.

Charles W. Grinage, custodian of the First National Bank of Aberdeen, was honored at the Drive-in branch of the bank on his birthday. He talked of his memories of the 1918 fire and when Route 40 was just a dirt road through town.

Ethel Gaul of the Aberdeen Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars was chosen a state page for Maryland.

The Aberdeen Lions Club was planning its 30th anniversary charter night.

At Aberdeen Proving Ground, Gen. Peters was honored before his departure from the post. New barracks were completed at Edgewood Chemical Center.

The APG basketball team had a 15-8 season and APG Players presented "A Visit to a Small Planet."

In Perryman, Little Acres Riding Club had a full season with Molly Lee Maslin, who wrote a weekly column telling of all the club's activities.

Real estate firms of Baker and Baker, Cooper, Chalone, Shields, Eck, Vaught and Wallett, Phillip Webster, Landbeck and Cronin were advertising homes and businesses for sale.

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