Aberdeen: Free Cal Ripken World Series games for all

What a wonderful opportunity for a big event for the entire family and free! From Aug. 10 to 19, there will be plenty of excitement of baseball for everybody at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen.

This Aberdeen-based event is the foremost international amateur baseball tournament for the Babe Ruth League's 12 years of age and under. The games will be a competition involving 16 teams.

There will be six international teams, from Australia, Canada, Korea, Dominican Republic, Japan and Mexico, competing. Ten domestic teams will play. One of those teams is the Maryland State Champion, and the host team is from Harford County.

Think of the opportunity to see all these young people, with such diverse backgrounds, gathered together to compete in a game in which they all excel. And in our own community.

Exciting events have been planned for all eight days. There will be opening ceremonies and skills competitions on Friday, Aug. 10. The host team will play that night.

The big World Series Parade will be held in downtown Aberdeen on Saturday, Aug. 11, to begin at 11 a.m.

Another added attraction for this event will be the carnival at Cal Sr.'s Yard from Aug. 14 to 19. There will be some cost to the carnival.

All week the competitions between the teams will be ongoing. Then on the Championship Weekend of Aug. 18 and 19, the top teams will compete for the championship.

Now, more about the World Series Parade on Aug. 11.

All entries for the parade must have been in by July 30, as we reported in an earlier column. All participants will have reported in at St. Joan of Arc Church on the corner of Law and Plater streets.

If you have any questions about the parade plans, please call Caroline, 410-272-5242, or Betty, 410-272-4981.

For all viewers, the parade will begin promptly at 11 a.m. on Aug. 11. It will be approximately one mile long and will last about one hour.

The parade route will be the same used by the Christmas Street parades. It will travel from Law Street toward West Bel Air Avenue, making a right turn, then turning left at Howard Street, on to the Festival Park.

This is one of the most important events held in Harford County. The Cal Ripken World Series is nationally televised.

So make your plants to be in on all the excitement!

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