Owings Mills attorney develops injury assistance app

Michael Freedman, an attorney who lives in Owings Mills, had an idea to combine his 45 years of experience practicing law with technology that helps motorists in need. Freedman developed a Personal Injury Assistant App that is free for users of iPhones and Droids. He is the first lawyer in Maryland to introduce this technology.

The app helps motorists in the event of a car accident as it automatically prompts them to gather all of the key information needed to document the accident right at the scene and then submits it directly to the Freedman's law office in real-time.

The main screen contains the key areas needed when an accident occurs. The "Injury Journal" allows people to document injuries, while the "Accident Intake" section lets motorists capture critical data, without worrying if they've forgotten something crucial — such as names, insurance information, important numbers, vehicle and tag information, witnesses' and police officer's name, and more.

Motorists can also take photos and video at the scene through the app, and submit them to Freedman immediately. They can even call him directly by simply clicking a button. Additionally, the main screen contains a resource area where drivers can find 15 things they should do in the event of an accident.

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