Hereford High Robotics team wins championship

Hereford High School's Robotics team has sacked the competition with their "Sack Attack" entry to win the Delaware State VEX Robotics championship.

Hereford's was the only team from Baltimore County to enter the contest held Oct. 6 at Dover Air Force Base. Their win against 48 other teams has qualified them to compete in the 2013 VEX World Championship in California in April.

Hereford freshmen Steven DiBerardino, Will Fern and Joe Meseke won awards for their programming skills, driving skills. This year's competition, called "Sack Attack," required the three-person teams to build a remote-controlled robot and maneuver it on a 12-foot-square arena. The robots must move square beanbags into goals to score points.

The Hereford High team that won "attacks problems aggressively and is always improving its design," said Michael Dodd-O, robotics faculty adviser. "We have a number of strong teams here at Hereford High and at Hereford Middle."

Hereford High and Hereford Middle each have six Robotics teams, Dodd-O said. Upcoming events for teams from both schools include a competition at Timonium Fairgrounds on Nov. 17 and a competition at Hereford Middle School on Dec. 8.

Both clubs hold an open house at Hereford High School at 6:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month.

Pat van den Beemt

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