Letter: CZMP decisions made in best interest on whole

On Aug. 28, after a year of submissions, reviews, and recommendations, the Baltimore County Council made the final decisions on the CZMP recommendations submitted by each council member.

Of the 71 issues for District 3, 13 were within the geographic area of the Hereford Community Association. HCA submitted recommendations on these issues to Todd Huff, councilman of the 3rd District.

Of the 13 recommendations, eight were as approved by the council; three were in line as approved, and two were not.

Perhaps the most significant action taken was to disapprove the three issues submitted by Sparks/Glencoe to downzone more than 170 properties to the north and south of Hereford. This action acknowledges the property rights of the individuals, which is rigorously supported by HCA.

Not everyone can have their way and there has to be some give and take and compromises. Todd Huff's decisions were clearly based upon the best interest of all the people in the district and not those of special interest groups.

HCA appreciates how Councilman Huff approached this sensitive process and the resulting decisions.

Paul Cummins, president

Hereford Community Association

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