Baltimore County

North Baltimore County emergency crews ready for Sandy

North Baltimore County volunteer fire and ambulance personnel are ready to react to whatever Hurricane Sandy throws their way.

As of noon on Monday, Oct. 29, crews are reporting a quiet day with no calls. But they know they will have a busy night.

"We had a crew of 14 sleep at the station last night, but they didn't get any calls," said Nick Gamble, of Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Company. He said another 14 to 16 people plan on sleeping at the station tonight.

There have already been some power outages. Jen Talbott, on Gore Mill Road in Freeland, said her electricity went out at 11:30 this morning.

"We have propane for the grill, our pantry's stocked, and the kids and I are doing jigsaw puzzles," she said at 1 p.m.

Her family has a generator, but she's waiting for her husband, Steve, to get off work at Ruxton Pharmacy to get it up and running. When there are power outages in North Baltimore County, people lose the ability to pump water from their wells.

Kingsdene Nursery and Garden Center on York Road in Monkton is offering free non-drinking water that can be used to flush toilets. Owner John Mays said he has a 500-gallon water tank behind the store. People are asked to bring their own buckets, trashcans or other types of containers.

Mays said the water will be available 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Kingsdene is located at 16435 York Road. Call 410-343-1150 for more details.

Graul's Market in Hereford is closing at 4 p.m. today, four hours ahead of its normal closing time, said manager Ken Bullen.

He said the store was very busy this morning and the only sold-out item is ice. Bullen, who lives near the store and can walk to work if roads are bad, said he'll assess the situation early tomorrow morning before deciding when the store will open.

Staffers at Michael's Pizza in Hereford said they've been unexpectedly busy today. If they lose power, they plan to make subs and cold sandwiches until it gets dark and they can't see to make sandwiches.

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