Uncle Buck's processes bucks and does

Two Parkton neighbors who hunt together and eat venison all year long just opened up Uncle Buck's Deer Processing shop on York Road, in Maryland Line.

Patrick Ingram and Tim Vancura, who live on Dairy Road, took over a butchering facility complete with a refrigeration unit capable of holding 300 deer waiting to be processed.

Ingram, 43, a chiropractor with Maryland Spine Care in Reisterstown, will continue to work full-time and devote nights and weekends to the new business.

Vancura, 50, is a construction worker who will be at the shop most days to accept and butcher deer.

Uncle Buck's offers to cut steaks and roasts, as well as grind meat into sausage, bologna, jerky and hamburger. All meats are vacuum-packed.

"I did a lot of this at home, so I already have recipes and know how to do it all, " said Vancura as he pressed homemade jerky into long thin strips that will be dried at the shop. "I actually came here as a kid when my family had our animals butchered. I never had meat from a grocery store until I was 20."

The new owners said the nearest deer processing businesses are in Fallston in Harford County or Hampstead in Carroll County. Their facility recently passed all state inspections.

Freeland hunter Ed Amoss, who hunts with a bow, muzzleloader and firearm, recently brought an eight-point buck in for processing.

"I usually cut them up myself, but I saw the new shop and it's real nice and real clean, so I decided to let them do it," he said. "I've already picked the meat up and I like that it's packed the way it is."

Ingram said the shop is participating in Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, a nonprofit group that arranges for donated meat to be delivered to soup kitchens or food banks.

"If you're a hunter who has more meat than you need, or if there's part of the deer you don't want, we can make sure it gets donated to people who need it," Ingram said.

The main part of the business will be from firearm season, which begins Nov. 26. Ingram and Vancura also anticipate business from local farmers who get off-season permits to hunt deer that are causing crop damage.

The shop is open most days from 8 a.m. to noon and 3 to 9 p.m. and all day Saturday.

"If you get a deer when we're not open, just call and we'll meet you at the shop," Vancura said.

Uncle Buck's Deer Processing is at 21429 York Road, Maryland Line. Call 410-404-1269 or 443-540-2294 for more information.

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