One-day farm market to be held in Hereford

A one-of-a-kind farm market is coming to Hereford on June 23.

From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., the farm market will take place on York Road, behind the Hereford Antique Emporium.

Ten local vendors are scheduled to bring everything from organic eggs, meat, bread and produce, to native plants, herbs, honey and gourmet oil and vinegar blends.

Chef Joel Zaldivar from Juliana's in the Village in Shrewsbury, Pa., will cook up tasty treats for visitors.

The farm market idea came about after several North Baltimore County people took a course on running a profitable small farm at the Agriculture Center on Shawan Road.

Karen and Stan Cohn, of Parkton, who have helped organize the market and who own the property where the farm market will take place, started an organic vegetable garden at the site of an outdoor kennel affiliated with Stan Cohn's veterinary practice in Hereford.

The area had not been used for 20 years before the Cohns built raised beds and planted heirloom vegetables.

Karen Cohn said that if the first farm market is a success, she may try to find a location with more space and more parking for a future market day.

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