Young Victorian Theatre Company moving to Roland Park Country School

The Young Victorian Theatre Company will be based at Roland Park Country School's Sinex Theater, starting with its performance of Gilbert & Sullivan's operetta "HMS Pinafore" next summer, the school and the theater company confirmed Tuesday.

Last month, Young Vic, as the beloved longtime troupe is called, announced that it was leaving Bryn Mawr School, which needs its theater, Centennial Hall, for a summer theater workshop program that is being expanded next year.

Young Vic has been performing summer stock versions of Gilbert & Sullivan operettas since 1971, and ended this year's run of "The Mikado" on July 22. Young Vic has been in Roland Park for 42 years, including at Gilman and Bryn Mawr schools, said General Manager Brian Goodman, a Towson-based attorney.

Young Vic officials focused in on Roland Park Country School last month as a new base and toured the campus with school officials, the Messenger reported then.

"We would love to have them here," spokeswoman Nancy Mugele said in an email July 23.

Goodman said Tuesday he is excited about the move to Roland Park Country and Sinex Theater.

"It's a wonderful facility and Roland Park is a wonderful institution," Goodman said. "And it's not a big move for the audience," since Roland Park Country is near Bryn Mawr and Gilman.

News of the move was not yet posted on the theater company's website,

A potential hurdle for the theater in staging shows at Sinex was that its orchestra pit was smaller than at Bryn Mawr. But Goodman said Young Vic should be able to fit the full orchestra in the space.

Roland Park Country School spokeswoman Nancy Mugele said the school will temporarily remove the front row of seats for Young Vic shows, to accommodate the orchestra.

She also said the school will donate the space for Young Vic auditions and rehearsals, but that the theater company will pay a facility rental fee for performances.

"We're thrilled," Mugele said. "It's nice to continue the tradition and have them stay in Roland Park."

Bryn Mawr's need for its theater is due to the creation of a community theater program this summer on a small scale, with plans to expand it next summer, officials there said last month. They said the expansion of the program is part of an overall expansion of summer class offerings at the girls' school. The classes and other programs are aimed at young graduates and current students, with the goal of making Bryn Mawr more of a year-round, continuing education campus.

Bryn Mawr officials said they are sad to be losing Young Vic, however.

"It has been a pleasure to host the Young Vic for so many years," Walsh said in an email last month. "Their shows are wonderful."

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