Phone service in Tuscany-Canterbury restored

Phone and Internet service have been restored to nearly 400 residents in the Guilford and Tuscany-Canterbury area, a Verizon spokeswoman said Saturday.

The area was without  service since Monday, when a Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. subcontractor digging underground on 39th Street to run electricity for new street lamps completely severed a Verizon communications cable.

The l;ast of the affected customers were reconnected early Saturday morning, Verizon spokeswoman Sandra Arnette said.

Verizon crews had been working "24/7" since then, said Sue Talbot, president of the Tuscany-Canterbury Neighborhood Association. She said the cable was  so old that there were no colored wires, so that "re-attaching wires is a guessing game," Talbot said. "No wonder they're having problems."

Arnette said Verizon's crews had to do extensive digging to locate the damaged section of cable and had to replace and splice 620 feet of it, a labor-intensive and time-consuming job.

Cindy Leahy, an aide to City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, said part of the reason the work took  so long was that crews had to reconnect lines in old apartment buildings in the area, including the Ambassador.

"We apologize to our customers who were affected as a result of this cable cut," Arnette said.

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