Letter: Agenda of pro-life group is 'dangerous and oppressive' to women

Perhaps the Respect Life folks who set up a booth at this year's Hampdenfest actually believe they are doing something life-affirming and positive.

It is even possible that these particular individuals from St. Thomas Aquinas Church have not a clue that their "respectful" domestic terrorist brethren continue to harass and threaten women who have decided to terminate a pregnancy, vandalize and bomb women's clinics, and target doctors and staff for assassination.

Luckily, most Americans have developed and retained the ability to think critically and to make the connection between the zeal of the fetus "rescuers," the lobbyists, picketers and so on, and violence toward women in general. As well as being aware of the historical link between the ideology of some of the mostly white, mostly male anti-abortion extremists, and that of white supremacists, who fear the extinction of the white race and the rise of a black and brown planet.

The history of the long struggles for equality and dignity must not be left out of our educational curriculums. Lack of access to basic gynecological care, conception, abortion, pre-natal care and child care is unacceptable. Let us not kid ourselves: women still must struggle for the right to self-determination – which, by the way, includes not only the aforementioned, but also freedom from mental and physical assault.

Entertain no illusions that the agenda of the pro-life group is anything but dangerous and oppressive to women and to families. We must continue to stand up for a civil and equal society.

Sue Johnson


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