'Kitchen Nightmares' sets up to tape show at Café Hon

Halloween may be over, but The Nightmare on 36th Street is about to begin.

The producers of the Fox-TV show " Kitchen Nightmares" swooped into Hampden on Thursday to set up for a show they expect to start taping in Café Hon on Friday.

The restaurant was closed for the day and neither owner Denise Whiting nor her employees were on hand as TV crews began wiring the popular restaurant on West 36th Street, known as The Avenue

"Obviously, we have cables and ladders everywhere. We can't have customers in here today," production manager Brian Lotierzo said.

Taping is expected to be done from Nov. 4-7 and possibly longer, and will include scenes of the restaurant during lunch and dinner.

The show, known for celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's blunt assessments, airs on Friday nights and usually focuses on Ramsay's efforts to save failing restaurants by fixing problems ranging from rotting food in the kitchen to dirty dining rooms — and often yelling at the owners. But Café Hon has a different problem — bad publicity from Whiting's much-debated attempts to trademark the word "hon," a term of endearment in the general lexicon, and regulate its use.

In a message on the restaurant's answer machine, Whiting said, "The producers are handling all reservations," and told people who want to dine during the taping to send an e-mail to baltimorerest@gmail.com wth their name, the number of people in their party and their phone number.

"(The producers) will contact you directly," Whiting states in the recording.

The show will air sometime this season. No date has been set.

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