As Superstorm Sandy moves in, Ontario-bound Hampden couple moves out

A moving truck blocked southbound Keswick Road in the gathering storm Monday, Oct. 29, as movers gathered all of the earthly possessions belonging to Tara and David Dunn and their daughter, Isabella.

The Hampden family was not trying to escape Hurricane Sandy, but was in the process of moving to Ontario, Canada, where David Dunn, 31, landed a job as director of contracts and procurement for Sodexo, a global food service company, according to his wife, 27.

The moving date was arranged three weeks ago and "We had no idea" a hurricane would be whacking the East Coast as they departed, said Tara Dunn, an ophthalmic technician. It's ironic, though, she said, because last year at this time, she was pregnant with Isabella, a Halloween baby, as a storm hit the Baltimore region last October.

The Dunns, who have lived in the 3100 block of Keswick Road for about five years, are staying with family in Dundalk and are hoping to celebrate Isabella's first birthday Wednesday before hitting the road for Ontario on Thursday.

They expect to keep company with Hurricane Sandy.

"I think it's going to follow us up the coast," Tara Dunn said.

But the Dunns are undeterred.

"Sandy is not going to change our plans," Tara Dunn said.

The movers arrived at the Dunn row house at 7:30 a.m. and planned to be there all day, hurricane or not, said driver Jason Rumbolt, of Ontario. He drove the moving truck down to New York on Friday, unloaded one family's belongings and loaded up another's, leaving room in the truck for the Dunns.

"We're soaked to the bone, but we'll be done today," he said.

For the Dunns, the weather was an adventurous way to leave town.

"It's been fun," Tara Dunn said.

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