Scare tactics

Astronauts, doctors, firemen, mad scientists, princesses and witches went door-knocking in Oakenshawe on Sunday.

They looked awfully young for their chosen professions, but just the right age to be trick-or-treating.

Dozens of children and their parents joined Oakenshawe's annual Halloween parade, while Remington scared up a good crowd for its new Hauntingdon event in the 2900 block of Huntingdon Avenue.

The two events were among many in north Baltimore last weekend, including a Halloween Haunted Adventure at the Roosevelt Recreation Center in Hampden and merchant-sponsored trick-or-treating and a costume contest on The Avenue in Hampden.

The Hauntingdon event, which was postponed from Saturday to Sunday due to bad weather, featured everything from an apothecary serving drinks called Goblin Spit and Vampire's Blood to neon hula hoops, a Zombification table, and plastic baby heads as part of a Fishing for Baby Parts game.

Larry Perl

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