Italian-style deli, music store planned as latest additions on The Avenue

The weather is unseasonably warm. The trees are in bloom. And Hampden is dusting winter off itself and getting ready for an exciting and vibrant spring and summer.

And if that isn't enough, Hampden is also getting an Italian-style deli. Luigi's, at 846 W. 36th St. Below that, an as yet unnamed musical instrument store will be opening.

And at 3649 Falls Road, Hunting Ground is open. It's a clothing store offering modern designers as well as curated vintage clothing for women and men.

One other thing coming up that is only just in the planning stages now is a Concert in the Park series that organizers are trying to set up in what was supposed to be an amphitheater and somehow turned into just an elaborate entranceway. I'll update you more about the goings on with this as progress is made.

Meanwhile, if music is your thing, you may want to stop by Antreasian Gallery, 1111 W 36th St., on Sundays, 6-8 p.m., and check out New! Live! Now! It's a new music series dedicated to the presentation and performance of new music ranging from indie rock to new classical to avant garde jazz and beyond. Admission is $5. There are also four new artists in the gallery for you to check out: Lee Alban, Diana Ulman, Ann Zaiman, and Miroslava Selvik.

And speaking of music, there are a lot of shows coming through Golden West Café, 1105 W. 36th St. However, the two I am most excited about in the coming weeks are on April 7, when Frankie Rose plays with Dive and The Sterling Sisters, and on April 16, when The Bam Bams return to Baltimore and play with Peach Kelli Pop and Sal Bando.

As for Hampden's literary scene, (yes, the neighborhood is increasingly known for having a vibrant literary scene), writers Al Burian (Burn Collector) and Mickey Hess (The Nostalgia Echo and The Novelist And The Rapper) will be reading and discussing their new work at Atomic Books, 3620 Falls Road, on April 9.

Then, on April 12, the Atomic Fiction Series returns to Atomic Books with a release party for the newest issue of the journal Sententia. This will be a talk show/discussion format event co-hosted by me and guest-editor Jen Michalski and feature local contributing writers Betsy Boyd, Kathy Flann, Jen Grow and Elise Levine.

So the weather is getting nicer and the events are getting busier. Welcome to springtime in Hampden.

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