West Laurel: Sending thanks to an anonymous Good Samaritan

Our weather has been somewhat dismal and we are all inside our houses trying to keep warm and dry. However, a Good Samaritan brightened up Dahl Road when he or she shoveled the snow of a very appreciative neighbor. Harriette Whitney investigated this good deed doer but to no avail. No one would fess up. So she gets the last word with a great big thank you to her Good Samaritan.

Bond Mill Elementary has a rich tradition of participation in the Prince George's County Public School's Write A Book competition. Students write, illustrate and bind their own storybook creations. Though all the students' homemade books were literary treasures, the students whose books were sent on to the county school's Write A Book competition are Gabrielle Clary, Caroline Lehman, Kenny Graninger, Michael Stroud, Nya Evans, Rebecca Wood, Grace Beck, Samantha Caldwell, Emmett Hendershot, Morgan Pringle, Olanna Nwozo, Amari Muhammad, Elijah Clary, Drew Durrington, Camryn Tweedy, Ethan Rinker, Nate Ludlam, Ryan Sokolwsky, Thomas Whitley, Delaina Calloway, Taiz Rivera, Christopher Parks, Kevin Le, Chantal Greaves, Kayla Hendershot, Tyrone Conyers, Matthew Miller, Madison Endres, Caitlin Kerr, Brandon Lewis, Alex Velez, Belle Perez, Sarah Webb, America Proctor, Lily Schweiss, Nadia Burney, India Lolin, Joshua Sams and Chase Van der Have. Go Bulldogs!

There was a sighting of two bald eagles on Brooklyn Bridge Road near the Supplee area. Has anyone else seen these beautiful birds of prey? I've also heard that there have been sightings of coyotes in the neighborhood once again. These are newsworthy stories that I need to hear about. If you have seen any critters in West Laurel that are not normally native to this area, inquiring minds want to know. Send me an email.

I am a Redskins fan. But this weekend, just for Super Bowl XLVII, I am wearing purple and I am a Baltimore Ravens fan. Go Ravens!

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