Russett Community Association elections held at annual meeting

On Tuesday, Sept. 13, the Russett Community Association held its annual meeting, at which three of seven members of the association's board of directors were elected by a majority of Russett's neighborhood chairs, who also achieved quorum in the RCA board election.

Linda Genovese, representing the condominium slate; Rob Newman, representing the townhome slate; and my husband, Tim Reyburn, representing the single family slate, were all re-elected by a solid majority to serve an additional three-year term expiring in September 2014.

Neighborhoods achieving quorum fully elect their neighborhood representatives. Declared candidates for neighborhood representative who don't achieve quorum but receive votes are subsequently appointed by the board based on the number of votes they received.

Neighborhoods 3 and 5 achieved quorum. Their newly elected representatives are Elizabeth Leight and Marjorie Schulenberg, for neighborhood 3; and Julie Hummer and Tim Mical, for neighborhood 5.

At the Russett Community Association's Sept. 20 board meeting, board officers were unanimously elected as follows: Rob Newman, president; Tim Reyburn, vice president; Antonio Downing, treasurer; and Linda Genovese, secretary. The remaining board members are Joe Franco, representing the at-large slate; MJ Praetorius, representing the condominium slate; and Colin Sandy, representing the townhome slate.

In addition, the top three declared neighborhood representative candidates receiving the most votes below the 20 percent quorum were confirmed and appointed along with the declared write-in candidates. Confirmed and appointed neighborhood representatives are as follows: Neighborhood 2/16, Liane Piercy; neighborhood 7, David Blackburn, Terry Burke and Annie Peters; neighborhood 8, Edgar Rodriguez and Paul Sniegowski; neighborhood 9, Chris Nolta; neighborhood 10, Jeanne Mignon; neighborhood 11A, Jessie Miller and Carla Sandy; neighborhood 14A, Amy Miller, Ann Philburn and myself; and neighborhood 14B, Julian King.

Please note that neighborhoods 6A, 11B, 13DR and 15A are condominium neighborhoods, separately managed and governed by a separately elected board of directors. The four condominium board of director presidents are the voting members for their condominium association and have the responsibility of voting in the RCA board of directors election.

If you are interested in serving as a neighborhood representative and are a Russett homeowner in good standing, contact the RCA board of directors at or

Russett Community Association Inc. is a homeowner's association. RCA's covenants, conditions and restrictions, and bylaws define the operation and organization of the community. RCA's 21 neighborhood chairs elect Russett's board members to three-year terms, while homeowners elect their neighborhood committee members to one-year terms.

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