Letter: Laurel Volunteer Fire Department reminds drivers to yield to emergency vehicles

Emergency equipment responding to incidents for assistance need the right of way. The Laurel Volunteer Fire Department's fire technicians or drivers have been instructed by county fire department driving regulations to come to a complete stop at all red traffic lights and stop signs, but we still need everyone's help to ensure that we can get there both quickly and safely. It could mean the difference between life and death.

When you see lights or hear sirens, we ask you to:

Immediately yield the right of way. This can be done by calmly and carefully pulling to the right edge of the roadway. Please don't panic. The drivers are sitting up high enough to observe road conditions and they can maneuver the apparatus around carefully in heavy traffic conditions.

Stop until all emergency vehicles have passed. If you see one, there is a good chance that there will be others following.

Never attempt to pass an emergency vehicle. It's dangerous and it's against the law.

Be alert! Especially if you like to "crank up" your sound system. At times, this could lessen your ability to react to sudden changes in road conditions, so if you like to play music loud, please open a window. This may help you to hear and react safely to responding emergency vehicles.

Michael A. Sellner

Laurel Volunteer Fire Department

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