Letter: Voting against Question 5 brings Steny Hoyer back to Laurel

It was good to see that the Leader came out last week against Question 5 (authorizing the repulsive gerrymandering of Maryland's Federal Congressional districts).

However, there is another reason you missed that Laurel residents should be opposed to the plan that the Democratic bosses rammed through last year, and that is the loss of Steny Hoyer as our representative in Congress. Rep. Hoyer is one of the most powerful persons in government, and if a Laurel constituent needed something done, there was no doubt that he could make it happen.

With this new plan, Laurel was moved out of the 5th Congressional District and into the ridiculously horseshoe-shaped 4th District. We now have a different person representing us, Donna Edwards, someone who is virtually not campaigning at all here, who as far as I know has only been in Laurel for a "photo-op" with the mayor on an empty Main Street and a visit to the Boys and Girls Club a few weeks ago, and who is actively working against the redistricting apparently in order to regain her lost affluent Montgomery County communities. Most Laurel residents have no idea of her positions, her influence or even her interest in representing us.

This redistricting was forced upon us by party bosses who have never been voted into office by citizens of Laurel, but who control much of our lives. It is time to show our disgust with their disregard for our interests solely for political gain, and defeat this question authorizing what they did. As The Washington Post said, we should choose our candidates — they should not choose us!

I agree with the Leader and the Post; vote No on Question 5!

Dana Schwartz


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