Letter: Story on 'Gift Cards for Guns' program was one-sided

The "Gift Cards For Guns" program is ridiculous as is the reported goal of this absurdly wrongheaded program, "to reduce gun violence by eliminating the number of firearms on the street" (Laurel Leader, Dec. 20).

There is no such thing as "gun violence." Guns are inanimate objects that in and of themselves do nothing until acted upon by an outside force — a person using one for a good purpose (self-defense) or a person using one for an evil purpose (mass murder). Those Mothers Against Drunk Driving moms got it right when they chose not to combat "car violence" but rather drunk drivers. And so it is with guns. If a gun is used to commit mass murder the problem is the mass murderer and not the gun. Ditto, if a car is misused.

Why no fairness in your one-sided, gun-bashing story? Hundreds of thousands of American citizens every year use guns to defend themselves, which is several times more than the number of people who use guns to commit crimes. Florida State University Professor of Criminology Gary Kleck has documented this fact in numerous books and scholarly articles. Could you not find one person to quote who is on the pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment side of this issue?

Finally, if, at 3 a.m. in the morning, you hear the glass on your deck door shatter and someone entering your living room, I assure you that if you decide to creep slowly down the stairs, you'll want something in your hand other than a gift card.

John Lofton


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