Letter: Sign championing 'no help from government' is misguided

On Route 1 in North Laurel there is a new sign advising us all that someone's father "built this company with NO help from the government."

How wonderful to see this paean to entrepreneurship, the triumph of the human spirit, the thrill of victory, flinty Yankee can-do-ism and, let us not forget, hope.

Consider what this man had to go through to bring us this business:

He had to buy or lease land with no one to defend his claim or enforce his contracts.

He had to drill for water and fill up his water tower one leaky oaken bucket at a time.

He had to generate power with something, maybe a perpetual-motion machine.

He now sits up every night with a shotgun, to keep ruffians away.

He now has to fork over a large amount of his proceeds every month to pay for a nuclear umbrella.

You try ordering a technical manual from Amazon with smoke signals.

Sounds tiring! It's a wonder he had any time to teach his kids to watch Fox News or campaign for Donald Trump.

Am I being snippy and ridiculous? You betcha! But I have plenty of company these days.

Elden Carnahan


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