City to unveil sign dedicated to Grove community

At Saturday's Emancipation Day celebration, Mayor Craig Moe and City Council member Frederick Smalls will unveil a new sign in Emancipation Park dedicated to members of the Grove community, city officials announced today.

The sign will highlight some of the history of the Grove community and Emancipation Community Park on Eighth Street. Smalls said he came up with the idea of a commemorate sign about seven months ago, in an effort to recognize the historic significance of the Grove.

"Laurel has deep and solid roots in the African American community that's in the Grove," Smalls said.

As Laurel grows and develops, Smalls said, he didn't want the city to lose sight of the historic significance of that area.

As planning begins to expand the Laurel Library, which is adjacent to Emancipation Community Park, knowing the history of the Grove will help others understand the push for not impacting the park when the new library is built, Small said.

The sign, which will be unveiled following the 2 p.m. Emancipation Day parade, includes photos and text and stands on a pedestal.

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