School board strikes Johnson's name from records

Rosalind Johnson, the Prince George's County Board of Education member who resigned earlier this month after it was discovered she had been living outside of her district since June, has been stricken from the board's records during the time she was illegally representing District 1.

"We have taken the action of reviewing all meetings and actions that were taken from that time to our last board meeting," Board Chairwoman Verjeana Jacobs said at the Oct. 23 board meeting. "In doing so, we determined that minutes must be amended where Ms. Johnson took action, and that action must be reviewed by the board."

The board amended 55 pages of minutes from meetings held over the course of the last four months, striking Johnson's name from all of them.

Johnson moved out of her Laurel home in District 1 and began living in New Carrollton in June to care for her dying mother, violating Maryland law. When her move was discovered Oct. 15, she resigned the next day. She had planned on retiring at the end of her term and had not entered the race for her District 1 seat.

Jacobs' motion was met without opposition or discussion, and the board unanimously voted to strike Johnson's name from the record.

Jacobs said that under Maryland law, if a member moves out of his or her district, the board has 180 days to fill the position. From June 7, the date Johnson moved, to the end of her term is 178 days, Jacobs said, so the position would remain vacant on that basis.

Johnson's seat will be filled by one of two people on the ballot for the District 1 seat. Zabrina Epps, 40, of Laurel, and David Murray, 20, of Bowie, are both in the last days of their campaigns before the Nov. 6 elections.

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