Del. Valentino-Smith introduces bill to make school board financial records more transparent

Laurel Del. Geraldine Valentino-Smith announced this week that she has introduced legislation to make the Prince George's County school board's financial records more transparent.

The bill would require the Board of Education to develop and operate a website that would allow the public to search school budget records by individual school.

"Enactment of this bill will enable parents, students, teachers and our county citizens to readily and easily access information regarding how education funding is spent at the local school level," Valentino-Smith said in a statement. "This kind of web-based information will demonstrate a full commitment to making the public partners in our important mission to ensure clarity and understanding for education investment and spending."

Valentino-Smith, a Democrat who represents District 23A, explained that the school board's "budget books are so voluminous" that it's difficult for people to find information on individual schools.

The Prince George's County Delegation is set to discuss and vote on the bill in the coming weeks. If the delegation approves the bill, it would then go to the General Assembly for a statewide vote.

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