Laurel crime log: Laurel police report theft of bicycle, motor vehicle

Laurel police report felonies, arrests and property crimes. Prince George's County police report violent crimes and property crimes. Howard County police report major crimes, break-ins and car thefts.

City of Laurel

Laurel Lakes Court, 7900 block, June 10. Theft.

Fourth Street, 14700 block, June 10. Theft.

Second Street, unit block, June 10. Theft from motor vehicle.

Baltimore Avenue, 15100 block, June 8. Shoplifting theft.

Baltimore Avenue, 14600 block, June 8. Shoplifting theft.

Main Street, 600 block, June 6. Theft from motor vehicle.

Main Street, unit block, June 5. Bicycle theft.

Laurel Avenue, 300 block, June 5. Theft.

Sharon Court, 100 block, June 4. Motor vehicle theft.

Bayshore Drive, 7900 block, June 4. Theft from motor vehicle.

Washington Boulevard, 100 block, June 4. Strong arm robbery.

Prince George's County

Clarington Court, 13200 block, June 3. Break-in report.

Randy Lane, 11800 block, June 3. Theft from auto.

Barnsley Court, 8800 block, June 3. Stolen vehicle.

South Laurel Drive, 11600 block, June 3. Weapons check.

Santa Anita Road, 13300 block, June 2. Break-in report.

Larchdale Road, 13100 block, June 2. Stolen vehicle.

Cherry Lane, 14200 block, June 1. Break-in report.

Miles Court, 13200 block, June 1. Theft from auto.

Laurel Bowie Road, 12000 block, June 1. Vandalism.

Laurel Bowie Road, 12000 block, May 31. Robbery.

Hawthorne Lane, 8800 block, May 31. Theft from auto.

Longwood Drive, 12800 block, May 31. Stolen vehicle.

Baltimore Avenue, 13600 block, May 31. Domestic call.

Radnor Lane, 12400 block, May 30. Theft.

Cherry Lane, 8700 block, May 30. Theft.

Cherry Lane, 9000 block, May 30. Theft.

Van Dusen Road, 7300 block, May 29. Domestic call.

Mistletoe Spring Road, 13000 block, May 28. Stolen vehicle.

Finsbury Court, 13300 block, May 28. Stolen vehicle.

Muirkirk Road, 9500 block, May 28. Stolen vehicle.

Howard County

Lawson Lane, 9300 block, 11:56 a.m., June 7. Two juveniles arrested in abandoned house.

Covered Wagon, 9700 block, 11:38 p.m., June 7. Entry attempted into occupied residence through screen window. Suspect fled.

Moonshine Hollow, 9100 block, 10:02 a.m. June 2. Black 2006 Yamaha RS6 stolen.

Sperry Court, 8300 block, 9:47 a.m. June 1. Gray 2006 Dodge Ram1500 stolen.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes can call the appropriate police department: city of Laurel, 301-498-0092; Prince George's County, 1-866-643-2369; Howard County, 410-313-2200.

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