Laurel mayor asks developers to delay mall demolition

Holiday shoppers headed to Laurel Mall won't need to bring a hard hat, as construction-related demolition will likely be delayed until after the holiday shopping rush is over.

The delay was initiated by Laurel Mayor Craig Moe, who announced today that he has asked Laurel Mall developers Greenberg Gibbons to delay demolition of the mall's parking deck, which was scheduled to begin before the end of the year, until after the holiday shopping season.

In a statement released Dec. 8, Moe said "After careful consideration and discussion with several mall tenants, (we) decided (it) was in the best interest of the mall tenants and general public … to delay work at this time. Laurel Mall is open for business, and will be open throughout the holiday season."

Moe said Thursday that in the next 45 days Greenberg Gibbons is expected to submit its full demolition plans and also update its plans for the Laurel Town Center development project.

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