College student's project lets military know they are heroes

This week is a time to stop and remember all we are thankful for. Cindy Zagorski wants to do that more than just Thanksgiving week.

Cindy, who attends Howard Community College, has a lot of friends that went into the military after high school. She is very proud of their service to this country and has tried to find ways to show her support.

She tries to send them all letters while they are away, reminding them how proud she is of them, but that just wasn't enough for this Reservoir grad. Cindy decided that she wanted to let as many people serving in the military as possible that they were a hero to her.

Cindy started making cards saying just that by hand for our soldiers overseas. She wants to make sure they are not forgotten and tell them how much their service means to people, such as herself, back home. Each card ends with the note, "You are a Hero."

She has made around 80 cards to date and plans to make more. Her idea is that every soldier deserves a note telling them someone cares about them and appreciates their and their family's sacrifice. She hopes her cards will put a smile on their face.

Cindy has a friend who will be returning overseas and she wants to send her cards back with him. She also has been researching other ways she can support our soldiers. She wants to make a difference and she hopes others will want to join her to help brighten our soldiers' lives.

What a great gift Cindy is giving our soldiers. Way to go, Cindy.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. I have many things to be thankful for and I count you all among them.

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