Busy summer means things are getting done in North Laurel

This has been a very busy summer in North Laurel. The good news is that it means that things are getting done in the area. Councilwoman Jen Terrasa wanted you to know that the stamping and painting of the median along Whiskey Bottom Road is completed. The small medians cannot be painted since larger vehicles run over them and the paint would be worn away too quickly. Yellow reflectors will be added to the top of the median to help with visibility soon. Signs stating that no trucks weighing more than 5 tons will be allowed will be posted by the end of this month.

In September, there will be a speed study done near the Kings Post Court area based on citizen concern. In October, they should have the results of the a traffic count study that to see if we qualify for a traffic signal in front of the community center. This would help pedestrians assess the center.

If we do not qualify for a signal, they will add marked crosswalks with a median refuge area. This would take time since the county would need to obtain property rights from several land owners along Whiskey Bottom Road. If you would like to talk to Terrasa, call her assistant JoAnn Maxfield at 410-313-2001.

The North Laurel Civic Association hosted a meeting to talk about the Route 1 Corridor Plan that they county created several `years ago. They also heard from the owner of Royal Farms who is interested in buying the land from the old Laurel Dodge to turn into a convenience store and gas pump area. They also are thinking of adding a cash wash.

They are just starting to look at land, but have not bought any property. They will continue to work with the association as they develop their plan. You can follow this by joining the North Laurel Civic Association or by liking them on facebook.

Participating in a triathlon is pretty amazing for anyone, but it is even more of an accomplishment when you are only 8 years old. North Laurel's own Brooke Miller just participated in her first triathlon, the TriColumbia Kidz Triathlon, which was held for kids ages 7-14 in Columbia last weekend.

To compete in her age group, Brooke had to swim 50 yards, ride a bicycle for two miles and run a half mile. Her mom, Kelly Miller, is a very proud of her daughter and who can blame her? Does anyone else see Brooke as a future Olympian? I know I do. Congratulations, Brooke.

Do not forget Jammin' for a Cause Saturday, Aug. 6, 3-7 p.m., at 8758 Doves Fly Way. The Krased Marauders, a cycling team that raises money to fight cancer will be hosting the event. Email Workman301@verizon.net for more information or call 301-604-9783.

I want to wish my husband, Michael, a very happy birthday on Friday.

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