History Matters: Prayers for peace in Europe

100 Years Ago

From north county to south

From the Personals column:

"Dr. and Mrs. Robert I. Swain of Sykesville are receiving congratulations upon the birth of a son.

"The Sunday guests at Fair View, the home of Mr. and Mrs. G.W.K. Ridgely near Alpha, were Mr. Robert Duncan of Cockeysville, Mr. James A. Quincy of Towson, Mr. Rush Baldwin of Harford county and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hood of Towson."

From the Elkridge column:

"Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bruce were guests at Rockburn last week for a day or two. Mrs. Bruce was Miss Mary Graham Bowdoin of Rockburn, whose marriage to Mr. Howard Bruce of Belmont was one of the largest and handsomest events in Maryland this year."

75 Years Ago


From the Times "Home and Abroad" column:

"Never a moment wishing to dampen the ardor and faith of those praying for peace in Europe, nevertheless we can imagine the stage set and the play about to commence.

"Hitler, nervously dreading the assassin's knife, reads out loud the memoirs of Bismarck to bolster his courage, hitherto kept alive by Mussolini, who arrogantly, but bravely, stalks about the dressing room thundering, "Veni, vidi, vici," and scaring poor Franco, the puppet, who anxiously awaits orders which may ultimately seal him in a political tomb beneath the flagstones of Alhambra.

"France feverishly searches among archives of Napoleon for precedents, while John Bull makes love to Fair America and at intervals seeks the guidance of the Vestal Virgins. Stalin monotonously repeats "Shall I, shall I not" — making a bluff at Japan while strengthening his Western frontier.

"Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, et al, go about their household tasks and wonder when these blustering bad men will learn a lesson which has been taught in vain throughout the ages."

It was creative of Townsend Howes, this column's author, to describe nations and political characters of 1937 as eccentric, over-the-top actors in a play, especially as many Americans felt far removed from the European stage. But soon the humor will subside and these "characters" will become all too real.

50 Years Ago

Home remedy

"Dr. Herbert Heads Medical Society:

"Dr.Thomas F. Herbert was elected president of the Howard County Medical Society at their November meeting ... . Dr. Francis A. Ellis, Baltimore, Maryland, gave an illustrated discussion of "common Skin diseases at the meeting."

Herbert was a long-time general practitioner of Ellicott City, one of the last generation of doctors who conducted their medical practice within their own homes. After he retired and moved with his wife to St. Michaels, I interviewed him for a story at his new home, sans the medical office. He explained how few doctors there were in the county when he began his practice, fresh from a stint at as physician for the American Embassy in Moscow, and that in the early 1960s the Howard County Medical Society was a very small group, consisting of only a handful of docs. (Howard County General Hospital opened in 1974.)

Though Herbert had removed himself from the town he had served for decades, it was evident that the it was a place still close to his heart, as the Herberts' foyer walls were lined with pictures of Ellicott City.

Church anniversary cited: "Mt. Zion Methodist 100th Anniversary

Thursday evening, December 18th at 8 P.M. Mt. Zion Methodist Church will celebrate its One Hundredth anniversary by consecrating its new sanctuary at Highland, Maryland. The church having been born during the period of strife between the States will also honor its centennial during a period of strife in the world. This congregation, which has grown tremendously during the past ten years, has already built and dedicated a modern Educational building in the past five years."

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