History Matters: Just who was taking the Skyline Drive 75 years ago?

100 Years Ago

Temora, no mora?

"For Sale: Tuesday October 15th 1912: at 12 o'clock noon, the place known as 'Temora' situated on the Columbia Pike (State Road) at the intersection of St. John's Lane, 1 1/2 miles from Ellicott City containing 31 acres of land more or less improved by a commodious framed dwelling of ten rooms and bath, cellar under the entire house, heated by hot water plant installed in 1911.

"There is an ample water supply for the use of the property. Tenant house has five rooms, large bank barn with stable, for eight horses, and four cows, with all necessary outbuildings The place can be seen at any time.

"TERMS OF SALE: One-third cash, one third in six months, and the balance to be secured to the satisfaction of owners. A deposit of $500 will be required on the day of sale.


75 Years Ago

Skyline Sunday

From the social columns: "Glenwood — Mr. and Mrs. Ludwell Denny and daughter, Alice and Diane of Indianapolis, Ind., spent Sunday night with Mr. Denny's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Denny.

"Miss Frances Matthews of Washington is visiting Mr. And Mrs. John S. Mathews at Longwood.

"Mrs. W.H. Stinson and Mrs. Wm. E. Hopkins returned Tuesday from Orknewy Springs, Va., where they spent the past week.

"Those from this neighborhood who took the Skyline Drive Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Pindell, Mr. and Mrs. T.O. Warfield, Mr. Wm. D. Macy and Mrs. Charles H. Macy."

50 Years Ago

Wallowing in surplus

A Times headline: State's General Surplus Over Ten Million for '62

"State Comptroller Louis L. Goldstein has announced that there will be an unencumbered General Fund Surplus of $10,910,014.46 for the fiscal year ended June 20, 1962.

"The total amount in the General Fund surplus Account on June 30, 1962, was $24,204,061.46. the Legislature of Maryland appropriated $11,559,852.00 to balance the 1963 fiscal year budget, which is now in effect, and $1,734,195.00 has been advanced to the various State departments for working fund purposes.

"The total amount necessary to balance the 1963 fiscal year budget was estimated to be $17,559,852.00. The Legislature of Maryland transferred $6,000,000.00 from the Revenue Deficiency Fund to make up the difference."

It seemed like Goldstein was always comptroller because he was Maryland's financial watch dog for 39 years. Though he had a mind like a steel trap, there was an "aw shucks" dimension to him too, and one of his favorite sayings was: "God bless y'all real good."

Goldstein hailed from Calvert County and today Route 2/4 through Southern Maryland is named for him. His long-time comptroller's office in Annapolis was dismantled and set up for public viewing at Jefferson Patterson Park, south of Prince Frederick.

Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum is a historic site, mostly War of 1812 vintage, and also an archeological site, with some public digs. It also offerssome interesting and well-produced public events.

When a few years ago I went to the park to write a story about the 1814 re-enactment, the "enemy" troops were Canadian re-enactors bused down to southern Maryland to play the part of the Brits in the skirmish.

I later covered one of the park's Tavern Night events. Wallowing in all that music and fun was tough duty but, alas, somebody had to do it. I soldiered on at a lovely pavilion setting as guests ate, drank and clapped to the rhythm of sea chantys. (If you're a day tripper, check it out — the park's about 90 minutes from Howard County.)

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