100 years ago: Woodrow Wilson nominated at DNC in Baltimore

100 Years Ago

Candidates in Baltimore

From the Times political news: "Wednesday last at Sea Girt, N.J., Hon. Woodrow Wilson, the present governor of New Jersey, was notified of his nomination by the recent Democratic National Convention held in Baltimore as its standard bearer in the Presidential race. Never in the Annual of the Party has there been a more representative gathering of distinguished Democratic on a similar occasion. Gov. Marshall was present as the Vice-Presidential Candidate received a joint ovation with his Chief."

This convention was held in downtown Baltimore at the Fifth Regiment Armory. Wilson would become the 28th president of the United States. After World War I, he worked to create the League of Nations and he won the Nobel Peace Prize, but he also had a policy of segregation for federal workers in the nation's capital.

75 Years Ago

Peculiar parentheses

"Court House News: Marriage Licenses:

Raymond R. Paddy, Oella, and Selma Barrett, 26 (divorced), Oella, Md.

William L. Ridgley, 23, Ellicott City, and Pauline E. Henry, 18, Catonsville.

Joseph D. Beall, 21, Clarksville, and Dorothy E. Selby, 19, Glenelg, Md.

Joseph Miller, Jr. 25, Ellicott City, and Catherine A. Myers, 20, Ellicott City.

Wilburt Reynolds, 22, (colored), Ellicott City and Eleanor F. Blackstone, 22, (colored), Elkridge."

It seems weird that this parenthetical information was published in the local newspapers. If parentheses were used today, I can think of much better descriptions if you really wanted to learn pertinent information regarding who's marrying whom, like (tightwad), (compassionate), (control freak), (creative), (selfish), (humorous), (barfly), (kind), (lousy cook), (slob) and on and on.

50 Years Ago

Bottomless pits

In the "What's Doing" column: "Friday, August 10, Misses Susan Fox, Sheryl Fagely and Peggy Samek, all of Ellicott City, left for a two week vacation at Camp Whipporwill in Pasadena, Maryland.

"Miss Jacqueline Fournier daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Fournier, is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert I. Fournier at Pine Beach, New Jersey.

"Home From Rehoboth: Mrs. Lewis Nippard, Mrs. William Ray, Mrs. Thomas Grimes, and Mrs. J.R. Frothingham, accompanied by their ten children, spent the week of August 6 in Rehoboth, Delaware. The large contingent from West Friendship rented two cottages on Indian Head Bay. From this base, they made boating, crabbing, and swimming expeditions, plus a trip to Frontier Town, which was especially enjoyed by the youngsters."

In the 1950s and early 1960s, most friends of my family didn't do the Outer Banks for their summer family/friend vacation, but headed for Rehoboth or Dewey Beach. I think that was the prime destination for a lot of families. My dad and a co-worker from the BGE station on Ilchester Road rented a cottage at Dewey, just a few steps from the beach, which then wasn't very crowded.

There were seven kids and four adults there for a week, with a few of us camped out on the floor at night. We had no T.V., or air-conditioning, but the linoleum floor was cool and there was an ocean breeze in the evening. I can recall the two couples playing cards in the kitchen late at night, and falling asleep on the living floor to the sound of their laughter.

We didn't have a lot of money to spend, but we kids ate and swam and swam and ate. And then we got creative. We dug in the sand. One day the seven of us dug a hole so deep we had to carve steps from the damp sand to give easy access to the bottom. At lunch time we left a guard, and we filled in the pit that night, so some unsuspecting soul headed for the surf would not be swallowed up by our creation. But, lucky Frontier Town dodged a bullet — we kids never made it there.

Frontier Town, the theme park south of Ocean City which opened in 1960, is a popular summer spot for kids and has lots to offer including a train ride, faux robberies, an Old West main street, and entertainment in the saloon.

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