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History Matters: Animal ads from 100 years ago

100 years ago

Horse sense

From a Times article on horse training, sans the whips —

"Handling the colt, kindness and firmness make it easy.

I have seen colts broken at two years old with whip and main force, but I think my way is best, the way we trained ours, writes D.E. Davis, in Farm and Fireside. His training began when he was only one day old, when we freely handled him all over.

When a few weeks old he was taught to stand up to a low manger and licked bran out of a trough ... . Whether leading or driving a colt, never let him jerk or break away from you, for once it learns its power it is likely to develop into a runaway. In leading a colt take a short, firm grip on the halter and do not trust old men or children for this work.

Every day practice picking up all the colt's feet and tap them lightly with a hammer or a stone so that the colt will learn to be shod."

About nine decades later, an on-screen portrayal of the more gentle ways of horse training would be a big box office hit. The movie "The Horse Whisperer" starring Robert Redford grossed more than $180 million worldwide. It's difficult to believe, but Redford is now 76 years old.

Animal ads in the Ellicott City Times —

FOR SALE - Black mare, 3 years old, will work in harness, perfectly gentle, very pretty, S.T. Stack, Mt. View, Md.

FOR SALE - Fine young hay horses, white color with black points, weighing 1,200 lbs. will work anywhere, gentle and perfectly sound. Coming 7 years old. Quick sale, price right. Harry N. Miller, Glenwood, Md.

FOR SALE - Being overstocked, have two horses for sale. Phone or Address, J.J. Cooney, Highland, Md.

FOR SALE CHEAP- One hay mare, can use for driving or farm work. Linwood, Near Ellicott City, Md.

FOR SALE - One pair 7 year old mare mules weighing 2,700 lbs. good workers, bred and raised here, Humphrey D. Wolfe, Phone. Sykesville 22-4 Glenwood, Md.

In the era's stock-for-sale ad items sometimes the seller would note that the animal was "bred and raised" locally. So perhaps, especially for mules, they were less mulish if they got lucky and continued to work in a climate and topography with which they were accustomed.

75 years ago


"Mr. and Mrs. Earl Pickett entertained the following guests at dinner Sunday, Mr. Wm. Pickett of Woodbine, Mrs. Annie Harggett, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thornton, Mrs. Millard Ulrich, Mr. Buddy Tibbets and Miss Thelma Mulligan all of Washington D.C.

Rev. H. Q. Burr and Mrs. Burr were hosts of the Ladies Aid Society of Harmony M.E. South Church. Thursday.

The Eldersburg Homemakers Club will meet at the home of Mrs. Vaudemer Myers.

Mrs. Elmer Thompson and Miss Effie Iglehart spent last Friday with Mrs. Clyde Wright of Glenwood.

Mrs. Russell Shipley and little daughter have returned from the University Hospital Baltimore and are spending several weeks at home of Mrs. Shipley's mother, Mrs. Henry Sullivan.

Mr. and Mrs. Millard Jackson, Miss Martha Jackson and Miss Helen Logue visited Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Hood on Sunday evening.

The Ladies Aid Society of Westwood Church held a very pleasant meeting on Friday, the ladies decided to hold a plate supper."

50 years ago

Capital visit

"Mrs. Alfred Souder and Mrs. Robert Higdon and children of Scaggsville, recently visited friends in Washington D.C."

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