Bull on the loose on St. John's Lane 50 years ago [History Matters]

100 Years Ago

Invitations and an injury

From the social columns:

"Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bruce were guests last week of Mrs. Bruce's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Bowdoin at Rockburn. They have now returned to their apartments at the Washington.

"Dr. and Mrs. Clinton MacSherry have opened their summer home on Lawyer's Hill, where they will stay for several weeks.

 "Mr. Howard Webb, foreman of the machine shop of the Mills here, met with a very painful accident by having his right hand caught in a large fan in the drying machine on Monday last, cutting a very ugly gash in his hand.

 "A very enjoyable birthday party was given at the house of Mr. and Mrs. John Bear on Tuesday evening last in honor of their son Tully, it being his 19th birthday. Refreshments were served in abundance and games were played until a late hour when the happy parties left for their houses."

Well that's a jolt, the social briefs being followed by the ugly gash notice. It seems readers in 1913 never knew exactly what they'd find in the social notes.

75 Years Ago

Strawberries, bingo and music

"Briefs and Social Items: Strawberry Festival and Plate Supper In Basement of St. Paul's Lutheran Church Fulton, MD Tuesday May 31, 1938, Supper — 35 cents Plate — Strawberries — Ice Cream Cake Sandwiches, etc., served

"Card & Bingo Party, Benefit Knights of Columbus, Tuesday, May 31, 1938, Ellicott City High School Gym.

"Amateur Night, At Snow's Park, Frederick Pike, 5 Miles West of Ellicott City. Dance Every Saturday Nite, Always A Good Time — Never A Dull Moment — Music by John Rest's Valley Inn Swingsters."

50 Years Ago

Story full of bull

A Times article: "This Story Is A Lot Of Bull

"A Black Angus bull stirred up St. Johns Lane last week and, before he was corralled, ruined Sgt. Paul Staggs Steppe's shoe shine.

"Officer Elmer Cameron responded to a call from Charles Eckes that a that the creature was parading around Brinkleigh, but by the time the police car had reached there he had left for — well, shall we say greener pastures.

"Assuming that a milk man would be aware of a member of the family that filled his bottles, Officer Cameron inquired of one and found his quarry had moved on to Howard Heights. A radio message informed him the Angus had indeed gone "thataway" and now was parading down St. Johns Lane toward Route 40.

"He was being cheered on by a dozen mares in a field who lined the fence to bellow encouragement to the big fellow. He, in turn would stop occasionally to snort, paw the ground and bellow back.

"Reinforcements Sgt. Paul Steppe, Officers Kauffman and Moore, and the owner, Lee Ramsburg, all joined in the chase, cheered on by an aroused citizenry who popped in and out of doors to confuse them with shouts of 'here he comes — there he goes.'

Though Sgt. Steppe conveniently made a hole in the fence for him to return, the bull managed to evade capture for half an hour, completely ignoring Officer Cameron's effort to add class to the show by waving his coat and shouting, "Hey, Toro, El Toro!'

"He was finally funneled through the hold in the fence. It was then that the Sergeant found he had stepped neither wisely nor well."

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