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Six bucks per child? That's how much HoCo schools spent 100 years ago [History Matters]

100 Years Ago

Six bucks per student

From the list of expenditures for Howard County for 1912 published in the Times:

"Total receipts for taxes — $96,541.12. Of this amount, the Public Schools of Howard county have received $17,400, of which less than $16,000 is devoted to the rural schools. The pupils (white and colored) number 2,931, the expense to the county therefore, per capita, is $5.93."

From the social columns: "Mrs. Minnie Fyffe of Poolesville, Md., was the guest of relatives on Saturday last.

"Miss Mary Philips has returned to her home in West Virginia, after spending some time with relatives in the neighborhood.

"Mr. C.E. Brown has moved into the home recently made vacant by Mr. John Westenkamp.

"Quite a number of townspeople visited the automobile show in Baltimore last week."

75 Years Ago

Rockin' quarry

From Times ads:

"For Sale — 11 acre flag and building Stone Quarry, with house on Marriottsville Road. Will sell cheap. Apply Howard Wright, Marriottsville, Md."

50 Years Ago

Take a hike

In the Times was an article about a walk:

"Oella-Born Soldier Makes Fifty Mile Walking Trip

"Sp. 4 Charles A. Walker, who recently made a 50-mile-plus walking trip to Fort Belvoir, Virginia, from Fort George G. Meade, is a native of this section of Maryland. He was born in Oella, Maryland, thirty-five years ago and his family has been residing in Jessup for about four years.

"During the summer months the sound of his bugle can be heard very clearly in the vicinity of his home as he practices for his duties as bugler at Forge George G. Meade, where he is a member of A Company, 19th Engineer Battalion. He is the father of four children.

"Mr. Walker made the following statement (about his walk): 'The experience was a great thing and people who are criticizing the walkers do not realize the satisfaction one receives by knowing it could be done if the necessity arose.'

"Needless to add, the 16 l/2 hours spent on the road left Mr. Walker with very sore feet, somewhat eased by the feeling of accomplishment, which he doubted at the beginning of his hike. ... Some years back as a young jockey fresh out of winning mounts at Laurel Race Course, Walker started walking and hitch-hiking to Hialeah Race Track near Miami with 50 cents in his pocket. This time, at least, he had money to go with his blisters."

Hialeah Race Track was opened in 1921 by owners Glenn Curtis and James Bright The track is now on the National Registry of Historic Places. Curtiss was known as the "Father of Naval Aviation," a fact I learned at the College Park Airport Museum, off Route 1. A Curtiss reproduction plane can be seen at the museum, a site also on the National Registry of Historic Places.

While Orville Wright's United States Pilot License was the fifth issued. U.S. Pilot License No. 1 was issued to Glenn Curtiss.

War tour

The Howard County Historical Society is sponsoring a War of 1812 bus tour on April 27 that will encompass several War of 1812 sites. For more information, call 410-480-3250 or go to its website. Tickets can also be purchased at society headquarters on the second floor of the Miller Library or online via the website. According to the society's new director, Shawn Gladden, there are still tickets remaining.

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