Get a good deal on this Bonnie Branch Road home [History Matters]

100 Years Ago

Passing news

"Mrs. J.C. Conroy, wife of Conductor John W. Conroy, of San Antonio, Texas, died on the 24th of January last. Mr. Conroy was a former Howard countian, being raised on one of the 'Font Hill' farms of Mr. Louis T. Clark. Mr. J.C. Conroy, his brother, has been a valued subscriber of 'The Times' for a number of years, although for a long time living in the mountains of Colorado prospecting for gold.

"Miss Augusta Eareckson, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. William R. Eareckson, of Elkridge, who has been confined to her home for the past week, suffering from an attack of grippe, is somewhat improved.

"Dr. I. W. Lacy has purchased a new Ford automobile.

"Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cuff, Mrs. Lester Young and Mr. Morris Nichols are vacationing in Florida.

"Mr. William Warthen and son, Owings Warthen of Baltimore, were guests of Mrs. Anne Warthen here.

"Mrs. R. Kemp Slaughter, formerly Miss Sibyl Kemp, of "Montrose", near Clarksville, will return to Baltimore in a few days to spend some time before she and Mr. Slaughter will permanently establish their home in Atlanta, Ga., where Mr. Slaughter is engaged in business.

"Mrs. Alice Kraisser, of Baltimore, is a patient at Maryland General Hospital. She is the mother of Adam Kraisser of Hanover."

75 Years Ago

Sale at Green's Bridge

"Public Sale: Personal Property: Having sold my farm where I now reside, on the road leading from Green's Bridge to Clarksville, I will offer for sale on Wednesday, March 23, 1938, at 10 o'clock sharp, the following:

"Two mares, thoroughbred Parcheron with foal; one thoroughbred colt coming 1 year old; one cow, with calf by side; one cow, will freshen by day of sale; one wagon; one manure spreader; one riding corn worker, as good as new; one harrow; lot of harness; and many other articles too numerous to mention.

"Terms of sale — Cash; Raleigh Howard, Owner; T.H. Linthicum, Auctioneer 196"

"Miss Mary Zimmerman in Flower, Style Display

"In the recent flower and style display fostered by the University of Maryland and that regional unit of the American Society of Florists, Miss Mary Zimmerman, of Ellicott City, Home Economics student of the University of Maryland represented the 'Overseas Girl' who did as much in 1917 and was so popular in this patriotic parade of the day."

A Times caption under a photo of a burned building:

"Only the walls of the mansion on the Wilton Farm located on St. John's Lane and Old Frederick Road were left standing after a fire swept through the building. A number of antiques were destroyed. The place was owned by John L. Strickland, Riderwood, who purchased it several years ago from the Cromwell estate."

50 Years Ago

Such deals!

"From the Times Want Ads:

"On Bonnie Branch Road, 5 room house and 3/4 acre ground, electric, spring water in house and heat, shrubbery, very quiet, also stream, Priced at $8,500. Call RI 4-4505 after 5 P.M. (15)

"One dentist's chair and equipment. Best offer Call RI 7-4941. (319)

"One sod roll — 1 seeder and 1 York rake. Call Mr. Leonard AT 6-2247 (282)

"Saxophone and case, very good condition. Best offer. Call D.A. 8-2422 (315)

Ladies — Tupperware Home Parties has openings for four dealers in the Howard County area. Call GI 2-2253. (970)"

Tupperware's a popular product and I've use a lot of it over the years, but it's also at the core of one of the great mysteries of life — Where, exactly, are all those missing lids?

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