Mary Merceron witnessed the birth, and early life, of a nation

100 Years Ago

Spirit and kick

"Misses Lillian Schultz and Mary Merceron attended one of the performances of "Ben Hur" at the New Academy of Music.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rider and daughter of "Sherwood," have been visiting Mrs. H. Newton

De Vries.

Mrs. W.K. Marshall has been indisposed with a cold for several days.

Mr. J. Brooke Mellow of Baltimore recently visited at his fathers' Mr. E.M. Mellor, Sr.

Miss Clara Elizabeth Selby has been quite ill with appendictis in Baltimore.

Mrs. Catherine Merceron celebrated her eighty fifth birthday quietly at home with her children and carried her four score years as easily and gracefully and with more wit and spirit than most people at fifty."

Mrs. Merceron was a baby-boomer of her time, born after the War of 1812, in 1827. When she was born America was only on its sixth president, John Quincy Adams. The B&O was chartered that year, Beethoven died, slavery had just been abolished in New York, and the Baltimore Sun under A.S. Abell began publishing. She lived to see the nation in its awkward teen years, witnessed its growing pains and its maturation as a world leader.

Fashion-wise, she witnessed hoop skirts to Victorian era dresses, and if she lived a few more years she'd see the flapper fashions that actually showed not just ankles, but legs, especially when doing the Charleston. It sounds like she was a lady who'd get a kick out of the Roaring 20s.

75 Years Ago

15 cents a day!

From the Times avertisements section:

"FRIGIDAIRE SPECIAL - Save from $25 to $50 on 1936 models. See us at once if interested. Terms as low as 15 cents a day. Peddicord Sales and Service, Ellicott City. Md. Phone E.C. 180

FOR SALE - One Myers power sprayer and one 4-horse power gasoline engine. Apply Mrs. Henry L. Miller, Montgomery road. Ellicott City, Md. or phone.

HOUSE FOR RENT: Hot water heat and running water. West Main Street, Ellicott City. Apply Leonard A. McNabb, Catonsville, Md. Phone Catonsville 70.

APARTMENTS FOR RENT - Howard Building. Apply J.A. Kinlein. Phone Ellicott City 264."

50 Years Ago

Back to Quaker town

"Historic Ellicotts Mill" To Restore Quaker Town:"

The article announced a new organization formed to "restore and preserve Ellicotts' Mills through the use of "private investment, institutional activities, municipal programs, information and education, community relations, historic area zoning and historic urban renewal.

In reality it is a continuation of the efforts of the Paint Ellicott city movement and the merchants Promote Ellicott city program. Historic Ellicott Mills Inc. differs from these predecessors in that its members aim toward a long range program to restore the physical character of the town to that of the 18th century Quaker mill town at its height in the 1830s.

"Of necessity it will be a coordinating group which hopes to work hand in glove with civic groups, garden clubs, the Historical Society, County agencies and any other interested parties toward the mutual goal. This is an open meeting which needs the support of everyone who wishes to work on the is project. ... ."

Not long before this, there was a push to paint and spruce up some of the buildings in the historic district. Whenever I hear about their painting the town, it reminds me of the movie, "Blazing Saddles" when of the citizens of Rock Ridge got together to construct and paint a pseudo town to fool the bad guys gunnin' for 'em. In the case of Ellicott City, the "bad guys" were economic woes that could hit small town business people hard, if they weren't proactive about improving and promoting their town.

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