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Highland/Fulton: Fulton Elementary students show their reading prowess

There are some powerful readers at Fulton Elementary School. These youngsters got to spend extra time in the Pumpkin Patch on Nov. 2.

The kindergartners were Jason Liang, Lily Spencer Grier, Maneet Mehta, Lina Hansen, Maria Polizos, Alex Lee, Elijah Klein, Haylie Sutherland, Matthew Williams and Caitlyn Foot.

The first graders were Ryan Stevenson, Sean Kim, Emily Phansaithong, Aiden Loehr, Caleb Souder, Jonathan Kim, Calvin Turner, Kendall Hartman, Mila Cho and Charlie Bukowski.

The second graders were Graham Cowan, Carolyn Wong, Cory Dockendorf, Frankie Kimnach, Alexis Ripkin, Isaac Tebben, Courtney Johnson, Krish Kalra, Corina Tarhon and Carolyn Wong,

The third graders were Clare Chung, Kaylee Bennett, Nathan Macek, Meron Nephtalem, Lucas Turner, Zoe Frey, Bailul Ghirmai, Harshil Shah, Paige Bright and Sarah Duncan.

The fourth graders were Zack Duncan, Ellis Tompkins, Kyle Ecker, Zoe Schlossnagle, Tommy Jessup, Sabrina Zaleski, Samantha Guchhait, Sam Ryu, Sonia Goyal and Steven Musser.

And, the fifth grade readers were Elijah George, Andrew Lai, Max Son, Amanda Fleming, Grace Smith, Tatiana Hamilton, Elliott Pochettino, Omar Khairat, Sarah Ricketts and Thandi Romney.

Congratulations, readers! Well done.

The following fourth and fifth grade Fulton students were recognized by the Council of Elders in partnership with Howard County Public Schools for their outstanding performance on the Maryland School Assessment 2012.

They are Sarah B. Brown, Titus A. Cameron, Imran Z. Edris, Zeeyada L. Gebru, Justin D. Hill, Bintou A. Koroma, Kadija A. Koroma, Zoe A. Leak, Jonathan A. Marter, Obioha K. Onwuanibe, Savannah G. Onyenorah, Shelby D. Reed, Thandi I. Romney, Matthew T. Sims, Kyle M. Stevenson, Ellis R. Tompkins, Kendel M. Vanterpool, and Maia L. Washington. Congratulations.

The Reservoir High School Varsity Football team finished its season with a 46-7 win over the Oakland Mills Scorpions, earning the Gators their first-ever playoff berth. Some game highlights: Senior Robert Armstrong rushed for over 120 yards while Avion White, a junior rushed for than 80 yards. Mohammed El-Zein, another junior, returned a punt for a touchdown. Junior QB Max Schuster completed a touchdown pass to senior James Simms. They finished their season 6-4. Next up: the Atholton Raiders in the regional semi-finals. Go Gators!

The Reservoir JV football team ended its season with a definitive win against Oakland Mills, 42-6. The JV Gators: shut out four opponents; the defense, anchored by Jack Barry, Stephen Sims, JT Arias, Matt Marsh and Brett Davis, allowed just over 9 points per game; the offense scored almost 24 points per game; and, outscored their opponents 238 to 93. The JV Gators finished with an 8-2 record. The offense included quarterback Jack Barry, and wide receivers Joey Janush and Christian Lyles. Running back Craig Jones set the record for most touchdowns scored in a season on JV: 16. Other offensive linemen worthy of recognition are: Stephen Sims, Steven Petrillo, Steven Schinner, Shawn Hamilton and Nick Busia.

Congratulations to the Reservoir Girls Cross Country team. They gave the school its first cross country state championship. Incredibly, their times were within a 28-second time span. The top five were Amy Oliver (8th), Cindy Alms (10th), Karli Smiraglia (15th), Katie Wilson (18th), and Heather Konstanzer (22nd). Congratulations to the team and their coaches, Phil Rogers and Judson Lincoln. What a season! County, Regional, and State Champions!

Have you been by Schooley Mill Park lately and wondered what all the heavy construction equipment is doing? Sue Meoni and Cara Lynch were. Thanks to Karen Ely and a little web-sleuthing, the mystery is solved.

Two of the fields were in need of renovation and the Howard County Cricket League, debuting as an official county program in 2009, was in need of a cricket pitch.

The project was approved unanimously by the County Recreation and Parks Advisory Board in June of this year and the work is scheduled to be finished later this year.

I saw, just the other day at a farm on the corner of Guilford and Hall Shop roads, a wild turkey. This big old tom was grazing in the corn field, oblivious to my presence. I haven't ever seen a wild turkey in this area before.

Speaking of turkeys, I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.

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