Highland: Inseparable since kindergarten, trio graduates from Reservoir High

As you all are well aware, our area is very transient. A majority of the Highland/Fulton residents (for that matter, Howard County) are from somewhere else (including yours truly) and that "somewhere else" is generally some other state.

Even though my family moved around quite a bit while I was growing up (8 times in 19 years), it was always within the same geographic area.

Consequently, all throughout my primary and secondary years, I went to the same elementary school (St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Grade School) and high schools (one year as a freshman in a Catholic high school and the final three years in Bensalem Senior High) with the same classmates. There aren't too many kids today that can say the same.

However, with this said, I'd like to introduce you to three such young ladies, members of the Reservoir High School graduating class of 2012 — Kristina Mileo and the twins Amy and Stacy Bresson.

Gina Mileo, Kristina's mother, was babysitting the twins. That's how this all started.

From the get-go, the three were inseparable. When they were old enough, all three entered Laurel Woods Elementary School in the fall of 1996.

Their parents had to ask that the girls be separated so that they could make new friends (and so that they would stop talking).

In first grade, on Karaoke Night, the girls sang the song, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun".

And, fun they had. They tried sports, starting out with softball for the Savage Boys and Girls Club. Kristina tried it for a year while Amy and Stacy continued with it into their high school careers. They played soccer too and always played on the same team.

Throughout their elementary years, they sang in the choir and played in the band together. Their parents also watched them walk across the stage together when they were promoted to Murray Hill Middle School.

All during their middle school careers, they continued to sing in the choir and play in the band together. Then, they all got bit by the bug — the acting bug, performing in a number of plays at the school.

At their 8th grade promotion ceremony, their parents once again watched as their girls walked across the staged. At Reservoir, they continued to hang out, along with their friends.

Kristina and Amy sang in the choir under the skillful direction of Greg Knauf, played in the concert band under the capable hands of Matt Dubbs.

Amy and Stacy continued their softball career, capped off when their team took the regional championship and came in second in the state semi-finals.

Now that they've graduated, Amy and Stacy will be attending Lynchburg College in Virginia while Kristina is off to East Carolina University in Greenville, N.C.

As the school year ended at Reservoir, elections were held for the upcoming school year.

The following students were elected to the SGA Executive Board: Eric Higgins, president; Alexis Michael, first vice president of student activities; Delaney Fox, second vice president of community service; Vania Lazo, recording secretary; Nalani Gallaher, publicity secretary; Folarin Onifade, treasurer; Bolu Kamil, parliamentarian; and Autumn Shackleford, historian. Their advisors are Beth Demers and Michelle Hyde.

The following students were elected to the class of 2013 Senior Class Board: Natalie Harris, president; Gina Han, vice president; Jackie Bikoti, secretary; and Christina Kawata, treasurer. Their adviser is Jennifer Hamilton.

The members of the class of 2014 Junior Class Board are Michael Sullivan, president; Jonathan Bui, vice president; Katie Wilson, secretary; and Muftiat Ogunsaya, treasurer. Their advisors are Jill Snyder and Linda Packman.

And, the class of 2015 Sophomore Class Board members are Stephen Sims, president; Mikal Walcott, vice president; Puja Trivedi, secretary; and Emily Blanchard, treasurer. Their advisers are Julie Frisvold and Dave Burke.

Finally, the advisers for the incoming freshman class of 2016 are Kathy Schloss and Kathleen Ellis.

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