Clarksville: Middle school students have reasons to celebrate

The year is drawing to a close. Soon 2012 will be history. Already some are thinking of resolutions to make 2013 an even better year while others are celebrating current accomplishments.

Dozens of Clarksville Middle students have participated in recent geography and spelling bees. The competition was tough. It took 43 rounds to declare Meghan Rabe winner of the spelling bee. Ovais Hasan is runner-up/alternate as they advance to greater competition.

In the geography bee, Nick Torre was declared the winner. Niloy Gupta is the runner-up/alternate.

Clarksville Middle musicians David Baek, Sarah Chen, Teddy Hersey, Joshua Kim, Nicholas Kim, RiHyun Kim, Christine Kwon, Meghan Rabe, Amanda Son, Joseph Weng, Nina Yuchi and Jennifer Zhang were selected to play in the All-State Junior Orchestra.

Nile Liu and Max Xuan were selected for the All-State Junior Band.

Congratulations to them all.

Did you get shiny new items for Christmas that duplicate your old still-usable things. Don't toss those old items to the landfill. Save them for the River Hill High Class of 2015. They're collecting "junk" for a yard sale. Your trash could be someone else's treasure.

Maybe your resolutions lean toward giving back to the community. Here's a good possibility in that area. The demand for senior transportation tends to spike in the winter and spring months. Neighbor Ride is always hoping for enough volunteer drivers to ensure reliably meeting local senior needs.

It's rewarding and flexible. Choose to provide rides on your schedule, days, evenings or weekends. Parents are encouraged to bring young children along for the ride. To learn more call 410-884-RIDE or send email to

Students at Dayton Oaks Elementary will soon be sending photos and videos to technology teacher Lori Jones as they compete to reuse, reduce and recycle paper athome. The contest ends Jan. 18. Awards will go to students who show the greatest effort and creativity in each of these three areas.

Protecting our environment is a good resolution for everyone.

If all goes as planned and the Internet works, the next Clarksville column will come to you from Nicaragua. Cousin Kyleen Snider and I will fly from BWI along with Triadelphia Pastor Robb Long, Chris, Abby and Sara on a trip arranged by Janene and Jim Ayer through Maranatha.

There are 34 in our local contingent including six Berglunds (David, Cathy, Jackie, Bobby, Jeffrey and Christopher), four Possingers (Paul, Cindy, Judy and Clive) and four Wahlens (Clint, Gina, Heather and Daniel).

Carol McHenry and son Douglas actually speak Spanish fluently. The rest of us will be learning. Other locals include George Abraham, Jamey and Dee Dee Mayden, Steve Folsom, Peggy Lee, Hannah Klingbeil, Salima Omwenga, Ellen Murdick, David and Carol Heath.

What will we be doing? You'll find out next week.

Have a safe and happy New Year celebration.

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